Hand Pallet Trucks

Getting To Grips With The Hand Pallet Truck

The hand pallet truck is a cornerstone of the materials handling industry, particularly here at Toyota. Take a look at our guide for how to operate a hand pallet truck and some tips to ensure that you stay safe in the warehouse. So, what is a hand pallet truck and how do you use it? In today’s blog, we’re helping you get to grips with hand pallet trucks.

What does a hand pallet truck do?

    1. Hand pallet trucks, such as our BT lifter have been designed to quickly lift palletized loads and move them from one point to another.
    2. By using a hand pallet truck you are reducing the need to manually lift and carry loads, which in turn increases the productivity and efficiency of moving loads around your warehouse or workspace.

How do HPTs work?

A hand pallet truck requires manual effort to operate its lifting mechanism, which is attached to a tiller arm. This tiller arm controls the two steering wheels of the truck and its handle controls the lifting and lowering mechanism for its forks.

      • Before engaging the pallet, make sure that the forks of the hand pallet truck are at their lowest point by squeezing the lever built into the trucks handle upwards.
      • You can then insert the truck into the pallet.
      • When you’re loading a pallet onto the truck, it is important to line the forks with the load to ensure its weight will be evenly spread when lifted.
      • To lift the load, place the lever inside the trucks handle into the upward position and then use a downward motion to pump the handle of the truck.
      • With every pump stroke, the forks will raise up from the ground. It is important to note that this will take longer to do with heavier loads.
      • When the load is raised, return the lever on the handle to the neutral position; this will make sure that the forks remain at that height.

Extra considerations

Some people see hand pallet trucks as disposable items.However, if they are correctly maintained and serviced they will require less frequent replacement. For example, the BT Lifter and pallet truck have been designed to be highly serviceable; it has 12 grease points placed around its pump, frame, and axles to help keep it functioning perfectly for a number of years.Imatpk Material Handling has a dedicated team of hand pallet truck specialists who can repair, service and maintain all makes of hand pallet trucks.This helps to ensure that your hand pallet truck not only works safely, but can also extend the expected operating life of the truck too.