Hand Pallet Trucks

Uses And Advantages Of Hand Pallet Trucks

Advantages of Using Manual Pallet Trucks

Manual pallet trucks are designed to lift and transport pallets from one location to another safely. The need to safely load and unload pallets in workplaces has been recognized since the 19th century. We have a range of Manual Pallet Trucks have become more prevalent and efficient for workplace and factory use, over the years.

These days, pallet jacks are one of the most versatile material moving equipment in the industry. These can;

  • Easily move smaller and bigger goods from one location to another.
  • Stack goods on top of another.

As effective methods of handling various heavy goods, these are used in:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Specialty and retail stores
  • Factory floors
  • Warehouse facilities

Injury probability is higher in manual pallet trucks than electric ones, since the former are manually operated. Therefore, you should adhere to loading specifications at all times.

Uses of Pallet Trucks

Bigger facilities have both the manual and electric models. In a warehouse, the right material handling equipment is extremely important. Available pallet trucks can easily move loads from 500kg to 2000kg.

Manual pallet trucks are the most commonly used materials handling equipment where single pallets are moved over short distances in small workshops and manufacturing businesses. As mentioned, some pallet trucks come with integrated weighing scales and other accessories. These pallet trucks need to be extremely strong and functional as most carry heavy loads. Preferred in industries that deal with heavyweight equipment such as; retail stores, food service industries, warehouses and chemical factories. Usually made from stainless steel, some pallet trucks are galvanized to make them resistant to moisture. These are also used in: laboratories, clean rooms and for handling corrosive material.

Advantages of Using Pallet Trucks

In warehouses or factories, simple tasks such as lifting and organizing goods consume a lot of time. However, with high-quality pallet trucks in various sizes and load handling capacities, time is saved, and heavy goods are efficiently moved and organized.

In a warehouse with not enough space for bigger material handling equipment or forklifts, pallet trucks (also known as walkies or walk behind trucks) come in handy. Their hydraulic system has these features:  can be operated manually or by battery, and include built-in safety features.




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