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How to Use a Demolition Hammer?

Demolition hammers are widely used in the construction industry and are the most hardened tools but very easy to handle. This powerful tool is useful in bringing down large structures of concrete. Demolition hammers use a bit that pounds heavily on the concrete surface till it breaks down. Improper handling of a demolition hammer can prove harmful to the user. Learn how to use Demolition Hammers and find best tools for concrete drilling and demolition.

Generally, demolition hammers can be classified into the following types:

a) Pneumatic Hammers

b) Hydraulic Hammers

c) Electric Hammers

Listed below are the steps to follow while using a demolition hammer:

Safety: Demolition hammers are heavy tools and using them in the right manner is important to ward off injuries and potential risks due to slippage of these tools. It is essential to don the safety gear such as helmets, safety gloves, and steel toe safety boots while using demolition hammers to avoid injuries to hands and feet. Do not use demolition hammers near of co-workers as you may end up accidentally harming them. Use safety glasses to avoid damage to eyes.

Firm Pressure: While using demolition hammers, it is necessary to have a firm grip on the tool to avoid slippage and occurrence of impact injuries to oneself. By applying firm pressure on the hammer, you can exert the right amount of force on the area you intend to demolish.

Tip Orientation: How you place the tip of the demolition hammer while using it the surface you wish to demolish determines the effectiveness of the demolition process. Never place the tip of the demolition hammer towards yourself. It can be lethal and can lead to accidental damage. Avoid placing the tip in a perpendicular direction as it will just drill a hole in one particular spot. The correct usage is placing the tip at an angle and pointing down.

Striking the surface: It is essential to hammer the surface squarely while using the demolition hammer. Avoid using a “glancing blow” with the hammer. You may end up losing control of the demolition hammer if you hit the surface wrong.

Caution while swinging the hammer upwards: You should exercise extra caution while swinging the hammer upwards. Do not throw back the hammer in haste and as it might lead to head injuries. A gradual swing upwards followed by usage of the wrist to bring the impact, to the object you intend to demolish, is the right way.